Christos Fragkos

Technical Manager Christos Frangos started his career as an engineer in 1998 participating in big teams, which won multiple championships in Greece, but also in a race of the World Speed ​​Championship (SSP 600 category). Since 2012 he is the chief engineer of the team “FragosARP” which has supported drivers [...]

Dimosthenis Mavropoulos

Coach – Founder Dimosthenis Mavropoulos has been operating the Academy under the name ARP racing academy since 2013 in a private space with specifications based on respective Spanish and Italian specifications for training athletes in motor sports. Teaching with material that comes from Spain, with seminars in which he has [...]

Elsa Sparou

Coach – Social Network Manager Elsa Sparou has been on the motorcycle sceene since a young age doing enduro and motocross training. In 2017 she started racing driving lessons at our school and now teaches as a coach as well as being the Head of business and social networks. [...]