Specialized trainers

   Our goal is to help motorcycle riders develop advanced skills that will help them enjoy riding while being safer, faster and in control. Skills that will be valuable in any situation. From daily commutes, to GP races!

    Learn how to drive fast, safely and intelligently in any case, through the training program of our special team that is right for you, and develop all the basic skills that will lead you to the next level.

    We have been training riders of all ages and levels since 1998. From 4 years old, and from absolute beginners to highly specialized races. Our practical training experience has become a vital element that makes our team one of the best training teams in the world. Our programs are suitable for all riders based on their exact individual needs, including theoretical and practical courses.

Junior – 2 classes

• Special Forces (Police, Army) – 3 levels

Note: The specific levels vary depending on the needs and goals of each group.

Pro Class – Individual Training

Junior Pro Class

Important Note: Students must bring their own driving equipment for all levels. An approved full face helmet, a set of leather uniform (ideally a one-piece suit or a set of two pieces), leather gloves with joint protection and boots that cover at least the ankles.


All riders start training at level 1. Each student is personally assessed at the beginning, regarding their level / skills / needs. The rider learns how to use his motorcycle properly, as well as to recognize incorrect riding techniques and to be able to avoid or correct them accordingly. After completing level 1, the rider knows how to drive safely to normal situations on the road / track with knowledge and improved confidence.


  • Safety rules 
  • Rider equipment 
  • Learning the motorcycle 
  • Posture 
  • Throttle control 
  • Familiarity with braking / exercises 
  • Basic body posture / balance / body exercises 
  • Mistakes to avoid


Once the rider is familiar with the proper operation of a level 1 motorcycle, he or she will move on to level 2 training, where he or she will learn how to “read” and interpret critical information provided by the track, quickly identify potential obstacles and hazards, and deal with them efficiently.

After completing level 2, the rider has progressed so that he can understand the messages of the track, react quickly to complex situations, avoid real obstacles and deal with most road / track situations.


  • Quick change of direction / Agility / exercises
  • Proper throttle operation for fast and safe turning
  • Obstacle avoidance techniques
  • Learn how, when and where to brake


The rider will learn how to skate, how to overtake from the inner or outer driving line but also how to coexist with more riders in a competitive environment.

With the right exercises, and riding specialized motorcycles, the rider will be able to push his limits and possibilities to the maximum, to become faster in a wide range of situations, from a track day to world-class races.